Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sweet Logey Bear

Logan started preschool! This is also SO hard to have him gone. He brings so much fun to my day (and Evie, we really miss him) but he LOVES school. He cries on the days E&TJ go to school and he doesn't. We were lucky enough to get into Aunt Mary/Miss Mary/Mrs. Brotherton's class, a friend of mine and so Logan loves this. Well he loves her and is so excited to see her. And if Aunt Mary wasn't enough Parker is in his class, he also LOVES this. Good luck Mary. He is also two weeks in and he is loving it and he I have already seen improvement in his handwriting ;), another- good luck Mary. Logan loves life, and loves people and so being in a class and with lots of people is his perfect scenario. I miss him like CRAZY but am glad he loves it and am thankful for school!!

With his buddy and cousin Parker
Aunt/Miss Mary/Mrs. Brotherton
He wasn't looking at me (he isn't nervous) but I can't get enough of his look. The backpack buckle, the lunch box, the water bottle, the socks, the belt, his stocky legs, CUTEST kid ever. He looked adorable.
I think he looks like his Daddy in this picture!
My sweet boy!